About Us

Although Cass started as a neighborhood bank, as residents moved other parts of the city and county, the area changed from primarily residential to commercial. Consequently, the bank began to orient itself more and more towards serving businesses.

Cass Bank was one of the first banks in the nation to begin utilizing electronic computer to process payroll checks. On March 3, 1967, Cass processed its one millionth payroll check for an employee of Central Hardware Company, one of more than 350 companies in the St. Louis area using Cass’ “Automated Payroll Plan.”

Cass continued to focus on meeting the banking needs of business customers, using the slogan: “Regardless of your needs, come to Cass when you want to talk business.”

By the mid to late 1950’s, Cass Bank’s location was nearly surrounded by truck terminals, service garages and transfer points, so Cass developed a service to simplify the payment of freight bills. Beginning in 1967, the services of what was then called the “Freight Payment Plan” were marketed to companies throughout the United States, and in 1975, a completely new computer-based system was designed and implemented. Later these freight payment services expanded, and a division of Cass Bank called Cass Transportation Services was started.

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