Cass is committed to providing lending, financing, checking and investment services to religious organizations of all types. This commitment to providing the finest religious banking services available is described below.

Our Dedication.

At Cass Commercial Bank, our priority is to strengthen faith communities. To do this takes a dedication to nurturing the moral, spiritual and ethical aspects of the people who make up those communities. We are here to build the church universal by providing financial counsel tailored to religious organizations.

Because working with religious organizations is an important part of our culture at Cass, we have developed a financial analysis system that is specifically geared toward evaluating your overall financial condition. We can recommend a financial plan based on the organization's historical and projected cash flow, revenue growth rate and the ability to manage various debt alternatives.

Our Commitment.

By exercising the talents and resources provided to us by God, we can fulfill our mission of providing financial counsel to religious organizations. This is at the heart of the Cass culture.


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