About Us

Cass Commercial Bank was founded as Cass Avenue Bank in 1906 by a group of businessmen. These businessmen represented a wide variety of industries:

Bowe-Perry Pie Company
Tebelmann Baking Company
Leroi Furniture Manufacturing Company
H. Pauk & Sons Manufacturing Company
J. C. Roever Feed & Milling Company
Hellrung & Grimm House Furnishing Company
Briner Electric Company
Stickney-Hoelscher Cigar Company
Lueking Teaming Company
William L. Protzmann Realtor
William M. Schumacher, Mortician

Cass Bank’s first location was a rented storefront at 1462 Cass Avenue. The surrounding neighborhood was primarily residential, comprised of two- and four-family flats.

By the end of the day, May 15, 1906 – the first day doors were open to the public – deposits at the new bank totaled $51,100. The balance of the original capital stock was paid in by June, 1906.

On March 20, 1906, the first loan had been granted to Mr. George Hohman. The $16,000 real estate loan was for two buildings and a stable on the northeast corner of Newstead and Natural Bridge.

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