Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

To protect yourself against online fraud and identity theft, carefully screen and delete unsolicited e-mail messages - especially those that ask you to visit an imposter Web site and provide a password, Social Security number or other personal information. In the event you inadvertently provide personal or confidential account information to a fraudulent Web site, report it immediately by contacting the customer service phone number on your bank statement.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Following are steps and suggestions to protect the security of your personal information:

  • DO NOT respond to unsolicited e-mails from companies you do business with that ask you to revalidate personal information or that link to Web sites asking you revalidate personal information. Instead, determine the validity of such an e-mail by contacting the company directly by phone or by typing in their home URL directly.
  • DO NOT click on "links" received in an e-mail message - instead enter the address directly in your browser.
  • DO NOT share your password or ID with anyone.
  • DO change your password regularly.
  • DO provide your personal or account information online only to sites you trust and where you initiated the contact.
  • DO carefully review e-mails or Web sites that contain typographical or grammatical errors - often these are signs of fraudulent attempts to compromise your information.
  • DO remember to sign off the Web site once you have submitted an application or completed a secure online session.
  • DO shut down or disconnect your computer from the Internet when not in use.
  • DO provide your ID and passcode only when your browser indicates an encrypted connection. Typically, an encrypted connection is indicated by "https://" in your browser's address bar in front of the address of the page you are visiting.
  • DO change your password immediately if you suspect you may have provided information to a fraud perpetrator - then monitor your account activity frequently.